Thursday, March 1, 2007

Orchid Book

The other day I met my former college friend, Mary at the mall. We lost touch for about 25 years so we have alot of catching up to do and ending up at Coffee Bean. Mary is now married with 3 loving daughters. She asked me what am I doing now? I told her I am now enjoying working in the bank and is still continuing with my orchid hobby.A way to reduce daily stress. Well her eyes brighten up. She said "I am also starting to love orchids and I have about 30 plants with lot of beautiful flowers". Then we went into so many things about orchid planting and orchid care. Before we part she ask me for the best orchid book I would recommend to her and where she can get a copy for her easy reference. Well after 2 days of going through my small library of orchid books I would recommend Home Orchid Growing by Rebecca Northern. I used this a lot when I was starting out in orchid growing.It is a proven orchid care manual in it's 4th edition. Mary, if you are reading my simple orchid blog, you can locate the publisher of the book Here!.

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