Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Orchids- Renanthera Planting Part 2

Assuming that I manage to obtain a top cutting of my fancy about 1 foot in length I would gather all the other planting materials like broken charcoal, bricks, a big and stable clay pot and a 2 1/2 ft. length 2" X 2" width of wooden post. The wood pillar goes inside the center of pot first, then followed by broken bricks about 1/3 of the pot for stability . Tie the plant to the wooden post and fill another 1/3 with charcoal. Spray the newly potted plant with Gaviota 63 and some fungicide like Captan or Thiram. Leave the plant in a cool shaddy location of the garden untill new roots begin to emerge. Gradually I would move the plant to a sunnier location as the number of new roots increase in numbers. This take about 3 weeks to about a month. Since my resident is in the tropic, I just treat the newly planted cutting like any other established plant in term of the fertilizing and watering schedule.

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