Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Orchid Care- Renanthera Planting My Way

The other day one of my orchid lover friend visited my new blog. Blogging is new to me, but orchid planting has been quite sometime. He told me if he were a newbie to orchid, he would like to have some easy and practical pointers to the culture. If he is an experience orchidist he would be more interested to know about my style of how I select and bring it up into beautiful bloom. What have been written in books and magazines are mostly standard cultural procedures, but there are some variation in ways according to individual experiences and inclination. Well I think I have to oblige to this request.

Normally I would like to choose either offshot (keikis) or top cut from proven existing plant. This is my personal preference, other may differs. This may be expensive but worth every cents in the long term. This is because to bring up a young plant regardless of quality or inferior clone requires the same amount of effort, time, money, space and loving care. A proven offshoot may cost more than 10 times compared to an unproven seedling from a new hybrid but the end result brings more pleasure and satisfaction.

The ideal is to have a top cut or division from a proven show plant. This may be a bit expensive, but another way is to exchange with another enthusiast plant of similar quality. But as a hobbyist who take pride in his or her collection, some would like to keep a show stopper variety in the collection and win award after award from the particular unique specimen which is the subject of envy from others.

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