Sunday, December 31, 2006

Renanthera Brookie Chandler

The orchid on today post is Renanthera Brookie Chandler. This particular variety was crossed in Hawaii about 40 years ago. It was first registered by J P Russel in 1950. The parent were Renanthera Storei X Renanthera Monachica. Three young seedlings were brought in but only one produced show quality flower. This plant was planted in a clay pot and placed on the ground with dried grass added on top. This variety has shorter and thicker leaves but produce about 8 to 10 sub-branches with about 100 to 130 flowers per spay. Perhaps a 4n plant. Flower characteristic inherits an equal blend of 50% from the parent plant. A well growned plant can bear 3 sprays per year.

Another variety owned by my friend has thinner and longer leaves with crimson flowers normally having about 5 sub-branches. Characteristic is more towards the Storei parentage.

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